Weekly Progress Check: I Lost 4 Pounds!

START WEIGHT:-  13 stones, 2 pounds (184 pounds) CURRENT WEIGHT:-  12 stones, 10 pounds (178 pounds) WEEKLY LOSS/GAIN:-  4 pounds loss How did I get on last week? Top 5 Superfoods guaranteed to burn fat fast! FOLLOW MY PINTEREST HERE- LOADS OF HEALTH TIPS AND HINTS Well what a magnificent week it has been in the world of weight loss! When I stepped on the scales this morning I was shocked to see that I had lost 4 whole pounds! Plus- I had broken the thirteen stones barrier and am now in the 12 stones region- which is pleasing to say the least! I am very much on course to achieve my target of a 30 pounds weight loss in the year of 2019. HOW DID I ACHIEVE THIS? Well, last week, looking back at my  What Could I Do Better?  section, I recommended to myself that I could walk more and plank more, and that is exactly what I have done. 1). Walk twice daily  I have definitely made it my mission this week to  walk twice daily . No matter how much work I have to do- I have le

Weekly Weight Loss Progress Check- I LOST 2 POUNDS!

START WEIGHT-  13 stones, 2 pounds (184 pounds) CURRENT WEIGHT- 13 stones (182 pounds) WEEKLY LOSS/GAIN- Loss of 2 pounds THE BEST ONIONS YOU'VE NEVER TASTED WEIGHT BUSTING LEMON WATER To say I am elated is an understatement! My weight has finally gone in the right directions this week. I have lost 2 pounds and it is such a positive. It does not seem to be a great loss, but it is a big positive step as my weight had been going in the wrong direction since the start of 2019. What is even more pleasing is that I have been struck down with a cold and as a result my eating has increased so that I could fight the infection. Follow my PINTEREST here So How Did I Achieve This?  Simply put, I am actually surprised by my weight loss and I cannot actually put my finger on why the loss has happened! However several things spring to mind. 1). I have actually put into practice some of the things I preach! I have started to walk for over 30 minutes on an almost nightly basis! I ca


Simply put, in medical terms, according to the NHS- I am obese. OBESE! I have a health website- how in god's name can I tolerate being obese! I have been buying ever expanding clothes, I eat absolute rubbish on a daily basis, I drink too much alcohol, in fact whatever I eat tends to be bad for me- too much chocolate, too many crisps, too much beer, too much bread... need I go on? I obviously need to lose weight. However, my usual 'go to' method of weight loss- running- is gone. After numerous injuries over the past 6 years, I have been advised to stop running or face permanent damage. Even though I have to lose weight, I have no method to do it. One of my many problems is that I see food and alcohol as a pleasurable experience and a reason to celebrate is a reason to drink. With my particularly stressful job, I feel that I need a drink on a Friday having conquered a difficult week. We have far too many crisps, sweets and chocolates stuffed around the house, so the temp

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The MOST Fattening Foods You Can Eat.... BEWARE!!!!!

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